About - Ankit Singhnaiya

I need to learn and experiment. It feels dumb and boring without some tech to play with. My tools of choice are Java, Python, Jade, SASS. I love to kill dragons using Django, Flask, Git. Analytics is also something, I am looking forward to.

I have build several web based and mobile applications. You can find them all on my github link. My blogs are like a micro copy of the things in my brain. I write blogs to better my thoughts and, help others build something easy.

Let me know if you want a tutorial on something, may be I am getting bored!

About Blog Content

All the posts that you will see here have been build, using awesome free and open source stuff available out there. I am a learner first, I hunt down master blogs and aggregate content and better them. Content here will be a in-depth coverage of things you do not find easy. I will try to keep the content crips and clear. I thank you for your precious time!

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