I may be young, but age is just a number. I have seen life and work. I have been lost and I have been saved. I have travelled from the complete chaos of not knowing where to go and then to the bliss of understanding how everything fits together. I have hopped from language to language and now I understand them all(almost).

I love to code in Python, given how clean, readable and maintainable it looks. In my professional work I use Ruby on Rails as my mode of transport and React js as my way to interact. I have always wondered how can one land a freelance job and then work less and enjoy more. I am a firm believer that workplace can never be as comfortable as home, the smell of my table, my fire(I’ll get one) and everything else. They just save you a lot of energy. You do not have to travel, time saved. You can use your resources and of course, earn better. I am also a budding traveller, I want to explore places and learn more, and of course, this includes technology. Freelancing empowers me in both the ways, financially and physically.

Toptal is an awesome platform, indeed the best one for freelancing. If given, I would love to explore amazing people, exciting job and gorgeous lifestyle.